civil engineering

This is a very big area in the most projects. 

We support you in the engineering of foundations,  buildings, roads, railways, cable trenches, dewatering systems and more. 

We are not focused on a special area of projects like power plants, steel plants or petrochemical plants. 
Due our big experience in different areas we will reach for you the best solution in time and money not only for the area of civil engineering. 

We always see the whole project and not only one special area.

basic engineering steelwork

We support you in the engineering of steel structures for all kind of projects. 

In this phase of the project we will also coordinate all the interfaces to the other disciplines 
like civil engineering, pipe and cable routing. 

This is the main reason why we can reduce the problems during erection on site to a minimum.

detail engineering steelwork

In a short way we always work together with local fabrication companies to reach a optimum 
in fabrication, transport and erection of the steelwork. 

We will optimise for you the time schedule in engineering up to the end of the project to reach a cost effective process.

roteamento de tubo
We will do the pipe routing according your technical and safety specifications. 

We coordinate the interfaces to the civil and steel structure with the companies working on your project. 
We take care of the placement of valves and equipment in a place where you can reach it perfect.