In staff you find a small selection of our group

On request you can get from these staff CV's, refereces, qualifications and certificates.

short description of the numbering system:
first number:
1 internal document

second number 0  space holder
third number 1  country Austria  language: German, English, ...
  2  country Germany  language: German, English, ...
3  country Brazil / Portugal  language: Portuguese, English, ...
fourth number  0-9  space holder  
fifth number 0-9  running number  for each staff

Detail list of available staff:
 number  year of birth  available  language  position
 10101  1968  11/2010  ge, en, pt  PM, civil engineering, piping design
 10102  1951  asap  ge, en  mechanical errection, fabr./err. manager
 10103  1962  asap  ge, en  civil engineering, cost controling
 10104  1958  asap  ge, en  cost controling, civil engineering
 10105  1950  on req.  ge, en  civil engineering 
 10106  1962  on req.  ge, en, pt  mechanical err. manager, contracting
 10107  1976  on req.  ge, en, es, pt  time scheduling
 10108  1964  on req.  ge, en, pt  transmission planner
 10109    on req.  ge, en  welding inspection
 10110    on req.  ge, en  welding inspection
 10111  1958  on req.  ge, en  piping engineer
 10112  1954  asap  hu, ge, en  HVAC engineer
 10201  1951  on req.  ge, en, pt   steelwork contr. manager, welding eng.
 10202  1953  on req.  ge, en  civil/steelwork supervision
 10203  1968  on req.  ge, en  civil/steelwork supervision
 10301  1960  on req.  pt, en  steelwork contracting manager
 10302    on req.  pt, en  layout eng. manager
 10303    on req.  pt, en  mechanical errection manager
 10304    on req.  pt, en  civil/dewatering engineering
 10305  1964  on req.  pt, en  piping engineering
 10306  1949  on req.  pt, en  piping engineering
 10307  1973  asap  pt, en  electrical engineering
asap: as soon as possible
on req.: on request
PM: project management